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  1. Zach,

    My name is Mike Lowe. I enjoyed your webpage very much, Very Well Done. I noticed that you may have some interest in the (epidendrum magnoliae), “Bartram’s Tree Orchid” or “Greenfly Orchid”.

    We live in north Citrus County Florida, along side the Withlacoochee River. Our property is situated beneath a canopy provided by dozens of hundred year old river oaks.
    These beautiful old troopers host long gray beards of Spanish Moss and in shaded positions are blankets of resurrection ferns which sponsor many Greenfly Orchid clusters.

    Give me a call if you’re interested.


  2. Hi. I’m a longtime, ardent plant enthusiast…tropical, temperate zone mostly. I have exchanged with many people and enjoy that very much. I couldn’t find an email or FB for you. If you’ll respond to this I will send more information. (Used to live in Dallas, so I’m familiar with the weather conditions where you are. ) Now live in Tallahassee, FL. Best, Dael

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