Plant Weather

(click the plot to see larger)

The plot above is a meteogram – which is a time series graph of meteorological data.  In this case, I am only plotting the temperature and dewpoint, since I only have instruments for those two fields.  You can see how the temperature and dewpoint have changed during the time period that is shown on the lower axis.  The top of the red region indicates the temperature and the green indicates the dewpoint temperature.  The shaded gray bands on the plot represent the nighttime hours (between sunset and sunrise), computed at the precise location of my house.

The data is being collected by an Oregon Scientific RMS 300A weather station with data logging capabilities.  The remote sensor is currently residing on my back porch with my plants – in the location of my future greenhouse.  As of 30 July 2009, I am updating the plot once every hour and the plot will show no more than 72 hours worth of data.

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