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I am a collector. Most of my plant collection is from the family of Aroids (Araceae). But my interests reach into many other families of plants, like the Prayer Plants (Marantaceae). Right now I am working on collecting Aroids from the genera Aglaonema, Monstera and Philodendron and also some plants from the genus Asarum in the Aristolochiaceae family. Here is a list of plants that I have on my “to acquire” list:



  • Actinidia arguta ‘Issai’ Miniature Hardy Kiwi (self-pollinating) here


  • Aglaonema ‘Dap Na Rai’ – looks a lot like ‘White Lance’
  • Aglaonema ‘lilliput’
  • Aglaonema pictum tricolor
  • Aglaonema ‘painted princess’
  • Aglaonema ‘gold dust’
  • Aglaonema ocelot
  • Aglaonema costatum
  • Alocasia clypeolata difficult
  • Alocasia corazon
  • Alocasia cuprea difficult
  • Alocasia peltata ‘Silver-grey’
  • Anthurium clarinervium here
  • Anthurium ‘Royal splash’ Purple anthurium here
  • Anthurium trinerve
  • Anubias afzeli
  • Anubias congensis
  • Anubias minima
  • Arisarum proboscideum Mouse tail plant
  • Homalomena ‘Borneo Purple’
  • Monstera siltepecana ‘El Salvadore’
  • Monstera ’silver leaf’
  • Philodendron ‘Burle Marx’s Fantasy’
  • Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’
  • Philodendron glaucaphyllum Blue philodendron / Philodendron ’silver metal’ / Philodendron hastatum
  • Philodendron gloriosum
  • Philodendron pinnatifidum
  • Philodendron ‘quail gardens’
  • Philodendron ugulatum(?)
  • Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
  • Rhaphidophora tenuis (IAS newsletter vol. 31,2)
  • Schismatoglottis ‘dappled drop tongue’
  • Scindapsus ‘Blue Velvet’
  • Spathiphyllum ceres
  • Syngonium ‘Red Runner’


  • Diospyros virginiana Common American Persimmon Tree


  • Elaeagnus angustifolia Silver Russian Olive


  • Ginkgo biloba ‘Todd’s Broom’ Ginkgo tree, Maidenhair Tree



  • Calathea insignis/lancifolia Rattlesnake plant
  • Calathea rufibarba
  • Ctenanthe amagris
  • Ctenanthe oppenheimiana ‘Tricolor’ here


  • Dendrobium cucumerinum


  • Passiflora cinnabarina
  • Passiflora citrina petite Passionflower with yellow blooms
  • Passiflora cuspidifolia Watermelon leaf Passionflower (pink blooms)
  • Passiflora mollissima Banana fruit Passionflower
  • Passiflora sanguinolenta narrow pink petals
  • Passiflora vitifolia Crimson Passionflower


  • Platycerium sp. Staghorn fern


  • Dracaena draco Dragon Tree here


  • Salix alba vitellina ‘Britzensis’ Coral embers willow


  • Solandra maxima Cup of Gold Vine


  • Trillium (any)


  • Cissus amazonica here


  • Alpinia luteocarpa Bamboo ginger, Red backed ginger
Plant name A plant that I have purchased since it was added to this list.
this plant is available from Glasshouse Works.
this is a high priority acquisition for me – I’ll probably purchase within a year or so.

18 thoughts on “Plant wants”

  1. If you’re still interested in Philodendron glaucaphyllum (I think actually P. hastatum, technically), we have some at work I could buy and send to you for cost of plant and postage (4″ pot or 8″ hanging basket, I think). E-mail if you’re interested in trying to do this around May or so.

    (I mean, e-mail now, if you want to do it then. Don’t wait to e-mail, ’cause by then they’ll be gone.)

    One of the local nurseries (not mine) had Aglaonema ‘Gold Dust’ available for a while, though I’m not sure they still do: it was Pierson’s, in Cedar Rapids, and I think they may have lost them in the flooding last summer. But I can check.

    For what it’s worth, I had a hard time keeping P. hastatum indoors. It lived, but stayed tiny and looked sad. Similar experiences with P. bipennifolium.

  2. Hoping you can help me. My family has a Philodendron that we would like to sell or donate before the first freeze. (I believe it is a Philodendron pinnatifidum.) It’s 8+ft tall and 10ft in circumference. “Phil” has spent many happy years with us in Tulsa. However, with the passing of my father, Phil’s normal trek from the patio to the garage will not happen this year (or any other). He’s just to big and heavy for us to manage. Any good ideas about who I could contact that would want such a plant? Time is running out…

  3. Hello there! I would very much like to purchase or make a trade for your Philodendron verrucosum.
    I have an extremely good (better than most) source for obscure aroids. If you can think of one you would be willing to trade out for the Philodendron verrucosum, please let me know.
    Wm Ross

  4. Hi Zach, Have you tried a website known as “Georgia Vines”
    Lori is a home grower/hobbiest and grows some pretty interesting Passifloras and Aristolochias, has a good rep.

  5. I have small actinidia argutas, (not sexed, too young) and passiflora vitifolia, well rooted. What do you have for trade? I like passies, brugs, vigna, mandevilla, plus since our weather has been getting cooler in last 3 winters, am working on collecting edibles that like zone 9A. (I tecxhnically live in zone 9B, SW FL) Email me if interested.
    My argutas got large enough to transfer to larger pots last week, and I’d send you several so would have male and female. 🙂

  6. Hi Zach! Nice to have you checking out my blog. 🙂

    I have some Stapelia gettleffi seedlings that I started not long ago, as well as some Huernia and Duvalia seeds (perhaps–there were some germination issues, but I believe I still have a couple laying around) that I’d be willing to share. The seedlings probably won’t stand up to transporting for a bit yet (perhaps they will be when it’s warm enough to do so, anyhow). When I’m home, I can check to see what other stapeliad seeds I have in my stash, if you’d like! (Check my Blogger profile for e-mail, if you don’t get it from this form.)

  7. Hi Zach!
    I have most of your requested Marantaceae, and would like to exchange for other species I don’t have. Please drop a few lines to my e-mail.

  8. Wonderful blog. Wish I could take it to bed like a good book.

    I have fresh seeds for Solandra maxima. I’ll be happy to send you some if you’ll provide an address. A truly amazing
    vine. In perfect scale with the larger Philodenrons.

    Just say the word. Thanks for the ride!


  9. We have We have .Aglaonema costatum If you interest ,please contact with us .

  10. Howdy!

    Good blog.

    I am looking for Kind of Spades, have not been able to find it. – I’d like to trade for a cutting once yours grows huge, which will be very soon.

    I picked up a strange, pretty vine cutting and grew it into a huge beautiful plant of Philodendron, later found it was “King of Spades” back in 1989, from a heap of discarded cuttings of a Navy Base landscaper in Pearl Harbor, HI. It flourished till recently. I had some unfortunate moving experience from NY to Texas, which it vanished in the move. My other plants made it ok. Since it’s value was mostly emotional peace, I’m not wasting time with anger or moving claims. I would like to see if I could trade for (plus any postage) a cutting of your King of Spades philodendron once it is stable and starts getting huge. They do that. (I have propogated many monsterous cuttings away to friends before it reached it’s untimely disappearance). I have loads of random tame tropical plants gifts and trades from friends, ranging from common philodendrons, night blooming cirrus to madagascar cactus, and can send pictures to let you ID them, since I don’t know what hybrid/species they are.

    Please email me from my blog profile.

    Thanks again for a good blog.
    – Mary

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