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This page includes links to each of the plant photo albums I have uploaded.  Most of these albums pertain to at least one specific blog post, which is referenced next to each.  Enjoy!

Oklahoma Orchid Society show (from May, 2011 post)

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens album 2 (from Nov., 2010 post)

Foster Botanical Garden photo album (from June 9, 2009 post)

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens photo album (from May 28, 2009 post)

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens photo album (from Apr. 20, 2009 post)

OKC Myriad Gardens photo album 2 (from Feb. 26, 2009 post)

TLC Greenhouse and Nursery photo album (from Jan. 28, 2009 post)

OKC Myriad Gardens photo album (from Dec. 23, 2008 post)

Anubias photo album (from Oct. 30, 2008 post)

Aroids from Russ photo album (from Oct. 16, 2008 post)

4 thoughts on “Photo Albums”

  1. Hi, Zach,
    sorry I have no photo but you will be able to recognize it I am sure. It looks like your Pinellia pedaticecta if you narrow the leaves a little grow it up to 3 feet and give it only 7 leaves. 1 first, then they devide into two sets of 2. I have been unable locate a photo like it. I have been looking for more than 6 years since it showed up in my front woodland. The soil there is somewhat dry as it shares the area with a huge Southern Red Oak. I am in Arlington, TN in a rural area that used to be fields and forest. The woodland is original. We have 2 in front and behind the house. This area has some lakes and our house is up on a hill. I don’t know if this will help you to help me, but if you know of a plant that looks like this, please let me know. thanks Corolyn

  2. Corolyn-
    I’m not sure what your plant is just from the description. If you could take a picture that would be immensely helpful!

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