Improve the value of your investment in temporary staff

Improve the value of your investment in temporary staff

Many companies use personnel companies to supplement their staff, some for specific needs (seasonal fluctuations, holidays filled) and others in the long run. The practice of starting an employee temporarily or by contract in anticipation of hiring this person is also a growing practice. Regardless of how you use personal services, here are some suggestions that will help you use these services more effectively.

Determine the factors that make your business attractive to temporary employees and analyze them with the temp staffing firm. This could help them attract better talent for their organization.

If you can hire a temporary employee, inform the company. It can also help attract better talent for their positions.

Develop a brief orientation program for temporary employees to familiarize them with your organization.

Do not tolerate poor performance. If a temporary employee does not meet his standards, solve the problem quickly. Personnel management companies often waive charges in the early hours of performance is unacceptable. In any case, it is essential to resolve performance issues as soon as they occur and to collaborate with the personnel management company to resolve the problem.

Make sure the detection procedures you need are done. Criminal record check, drug testing and eligibility to work in the United States. These are routine examinations done by reputable staff companies, often at no additional cost to their clients.

Make sure the hourly rate paid to temporary employees is enough to attract the right talent. A modest change in payment rates could attract more qualified staff, improve productivity and reduce turnover.

Hold monthly review meetings with the personnel company to discuss employee performance, future staffing requirements, and other important issues for your organization. By treating them as true business partners, you will improve the company’s ability to serve you better.

Consider temporary employees for permanent positions. You already have a good idea of the skills and work habits of these employees.

The most common misconceptions about temporary work include:

Reducing temporary labor costs will affect the quality of workers and, ultimately, operations.

Industry rates are standard; All the personnel companies charge roughly the same. The differences can be significant.

Working proactively with your personnel company is a great way to improve the value of your temporary staffing investment.

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